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Sales and distribution of flexible packaging for the food industry. Sales and distribution of packing machines in the food industry.

About us

About us

ENVELO Ltd. is a family company. We are distributers of flexible packaging and packaging machines in the food industry. Our expertise lies in the field of processing and packaging of food products, primarily in the meat and dairy industry.

In addition to these areas of activity, we are investing significantly in the fresh fruit and vegetable packaging industry. This branch of the food industry complementary to the existing sales program.

Respondents in the company have acquired key knowledge about quality management systems through their previous work experience. From creation through establishment to maintenance and improvement of the above mentioned systems. Quality devotion is a personal view of each of us, but also the business policy of the society as a whole.

The Company operates according to the established quality management system and is the system certification process according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard envisaged in 2018.


We offer:
  • Industrial linear varnishes for different packaging materials
  • Industrial L – shovels with thermal shrink tunnel
  • Wrapping machines with LDPE stretch foil
  • Flow / Pillow Pack Machines
  • Vacuum packaging machines
  • LDPE stretch foil wrapping systems
From the supply of consumer packaging materials:
  • Plates and containers for different packaging needs
  • Special funnel packs
  • Polyolefin shrink film
  • PE stretch foil for packaging foodstuffs
  • LLDPE foil for wrapping systems
  • Macro perforated PP foil for packaging foodstuffs
  • SKIN packaging foil – PVC, PE, SURLYN
  • Vacuum bags
  • Thermo-shrink bags
  • PELD bags

City of Zagreb

Carica 1,
Zagreb 10000
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Owner: Tomislav Petrović


"Good packaging prevents contact with the environment, protects the product and presents it. Excellent packaging does all this without diminishing the joy of consumption."
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