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OPG Kapja – Šantić Teo

Production of olive oil

About us

About us

OPG Kapja, Teo Šantić is engaged in the production of olive oil. By cultivating family olive groves located near the town of Postira on the island of Brač, we find ways to preserve the environment by using sheep to care for plantations. The “Olive and Sheep” model came to life in the 1980s and reached its peak right now in the era of Organic Agriculture. We recommend Kapja olive oils to the target market segment of olive oil consumers who know how to recognize the virtues of extra virgin olive oils. We recommend to our consumers the daily “Drop” of olive oil, which, along with gourmet pleasures, brings multiple health benefits. Virgin olive oil KAPJA; it is obtained from olives processed on a press by the mechanical traditional method. Thus extracted olive oil will satisfy all those who prefer milder and softer oils. It goes very well with traditional dishes (cod, cooked vegetables, fish dishes).


  • Extra virgin olive oil Kapja – 1 litre / 120.00 kn

Extra virgin olive oil KAPJA variety of shapes known for its balanced combination of virtues, tastes and aromas. Oblica is the most widespread olive variety on the island of Brač. In old olive groves, it is the only variety in cultivation. Throughout the past, it was usually planted on the edges of the field as a wreath, about which the famous Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor wrote: “My father’s vineyard is crowned with a wreath of green olives.” The immediate vicinity of the sea, the traditional ambience and the autochthonous variety guarantee the quality of the olive fruits from which the top-quality olive oil is obtained. KAPJA extra virgin olive oil has a distinct taste and aroma of olive fruit, uniform bitterness and piquancy with a taste of bitter almonds and tomatoes. Oil of pronounced retention of spiciness in the pause.

  • Virgin olive oil Kapja – 1 liter / 90,00 kn

Prior to the introduction of modern centrifugal plants for the production of olive oils, olive oil was produced on a relatively small number of presses. As the olives were kept in water, most often at sea, due to waiting in line for pressing the oil, oils with less bitterness and piquancy were obtained due to rinsing the polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds that give olive oil bitterness and spiciness and are more soluble in water than oil. The aim of this process is to renew the process of olive oil production in the traditional way, which is to keep the olives in water and obtain the oil by pressing on a press. It is crucial to determine the time of olive picking with regard to the maturity index, the length of storage of olives in water/sea, and the conditions for processing/pressing olives and obtaining oil. We have optimized all the previously mentioned parameters in such a way as to obtain oil of the best possible quality, ie. olive oil that would satisfy at least the quality of virgin olive oil. A good portion of our population is still accustomed to oils with less bitterness and spiciness which we colloquially call Traditional Olive Oil or Grandparents Oil so I hope this oil could interest a significant portion of olive oil buyers.


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Owner: Teo Šantić




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