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PZ Berry Organica

An agricultural cooperative that brings together berry growers

About us

About Us

Berry Organica Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 2015 and has 12 cooperatives with 37 members of their families, with the aim of bringing together small producers and processors of berries to achieve better, more competitive and continuous production and easier and more secure marketing on the European Union market.

Berry Organica Agricultural Cooperative is located in the center of Zapresić, Zagreb County, from Samobor to Donji Miholjac, our Cooperatives cultivate their plantations according to ecological principles. Over 30,000 seedlings are planted, our young plantations are nurtured and grown according to the rules of organic farming and in close collaboration with professors from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb.

In our production, 70% of plantations are made by Siberian blueberries – Haskap. With complementary fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, American blueberries, aronia and currants, we have a very high quality covered and rounded production for fresh fruit, which is available from late April until mid-November.

The members of our Cooperative are people of different profiles, characters, education and life experience whose touch is the love of nature, agriculture and fruit we grow. Cooperatives in Croatia have a long history. However, the period of socialism, in which the principles of co-operative organization and business sought to adapt to the socialist model of central planning and economic management, still leaves some negative ‘trace’ and ‘stigma’ and prevents a stronger impetus for the development of this sector in Croatia.

Therefore, it is our great desire to show through our actions that Cooperatives are not a thing of the past but of the future.
We want to demonstrate to our works that under the slogan – “joint, joined forces” we can be an example of a modern, successful Cooperative.


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