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Vina Jakob d.o.o.


About us

About us

Wine culture

A small picturesque family winery on the slopes of Medvednica has grown into a cult gathering place for wine lovers, and Jakob wines on wine lists are a sign of prestigious catering.
Ilija Zdravko Jakobović created all the preconditions for excellent wines of the family winery: exceptional Slavonian positions above Brodski Stupnik, selection of varieties suitable for terroir, impeccably planted and maintained vineyards, school timed and harvested, fast transport of chilled grapes to boutique wineries in Zagreb’s Šestine which is designed and supervised by an expert team, ageing in selected Slavonian and French oak, optimal bottling and stopping.

Above these exact categories that reflect the top professional stands the love and passion that has turned the hobby into a vocation. This is evident from the first to the last step: at the spring, the vineyards bear the names of Jakobović’s grandchildren, and in the end, the hospitable Zdravko does not miss a single opportunity to honour connoisseurs with his wine and enjoy their compliments.

The reputation of the Jakob winery is constantly built on a simple, uncompromising premise: not a single bottle that does not meet the highest criteria must come out of the cellar. That is why the assessment that Jakob wines are even the best Slavonian “blacks” is becoming more common. All the attributes of the classic Bordeaux varieties received recognizable features of Jakobović’s homeland. After a series of sincere praises and valuable awards, Zdravko dared to refresh himself with a refreshing pink sparkling wine with which he once again delighted his growing wine succession.

Jakob Cuvée won the gold medal in Bergamo, Italy in 2012. For the same harvest, we received Decanter’s recommendation in 2015.

“The Jakobović family vineyards should be visited and enjoyed the best with a Slavonian snack.”

A total of seven hectares are spread on the hills that descend towards the Sava. Classic Bordeaux varieties have been planted – cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot and syrah, from the Rhône valley. They absorb the energy of the Sun all day, facing southeast, south and southwest. The vines absorb the necessary nutrients and minerals from a mixture of limestone, clay, clay and sand. The vines are on average fifteen years old, the vineyards are being systematically restored and expanded. Quality is valued above quantity, pruning reduces the yield to one kilogram per vine.

In a small winery, modern equipment such as vertical vinifies and tanks with heat regulators guarantee optimal vinification.

The cellar is dominated by carefully selected Slavonian and French oak barrels, a classic 225-litre barrique. One-third of the small barrels are renewed every year. After one year of ageing in oak, the wine is bottled and then “calmed and rested” in bottles for another year before entering the market. In the cellar, there is also a tasting room, a small wine club where connoisseurs enjoy and question the top wine ranges.


We offer

  • Cuvée 1)Jakob Cuvee 2015 red 80kn/0,75l 2)Jakob Cuvee 2015 Blue 50kn/0,75l 3)Jakob Cuvee 2017 Blue 40kn/0,75l 4)Jakob Cuvee bag in box 400kn/10l
  • Pjenušac 1) Jakob Pave 2018. 50kn/0,75l 2) Jakob Mati 2014 111kn/0,75l
  • Rose vino Jakob Rose 2018. 40kn/0,75l
  • Syrah Jakob Syrah 2015. 80kn/0,75l




MINIMUM DELIVERY ORDER – 1 package (6 bottles)

DELIVERY ZONE – Zagreb All of Croatia

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