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VeeMee was founded in 2017. by Marko Kozjak and Nikola Vido. The company deals with business consulting, mediation and representation in the agricultural and commercial sector. The name VeeMee originates from Croatian word-play in which Vee stands for ‘YOU’ (producers, suppliers, buyers) and Mee stands for ‘US’. In short, VeeMee is a platform that provides transparent and relevant information between market participants.

VeeMee platform

The purpose of the VeeMee platform is to improve the visibility of the producer to the end consumer and also to promote the product’s origin. The platform has a threefold value for all participants. For manufacturers, it increases production and continuity and strengthens brand exposure and appearance. For suppliers, it assures a reliable producer and full traceability of the goods. For consumers, it provides information about the producer and the origin of the product and also informs them of what they consume.

The end goal of VeeMee platform is to increase agricultural production, financial revenues, competitiveness of domestic farmers, new employment, raising the standard of living for farmers and to enable the return of young people to Croatia’s rural areas.

VeeMee PID was created to be understandable and usable to anyone. There are two types of profiles on the platform – Promo and Standard.



It contains only basic information about the manufacturer/company – company name, owner’s name, address, location on the map, 3 pictures and QR code

yearly fee; 


Includes all relevant information about the manufacturer/company – basic information, contacts, “About Us”, “Gallery”, “Certificates” and “Info” section, external links, testimonials, foreign language translation, social network marketing and more affordable services of our partners.

yearly fee: 240,00 €


Producers base: over 2000 farms
Number of QR labels issued: more than 10.000,000 (10,000 t)
Covered area of ​​VeeMee STANDARD PID: 22.000 hectares

Food saved – 750t

Smart Logistic – 1.800 t


In addition to the VeeMee platform, the company deals with the organization of transport, sorting, declaring and storing fruits and vegetables, as well as market research and analysis, and representation of foreign and domestic companies.




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