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OPG Grčević

OPG Grčević has been producing goat cheese, goat milk and goat meat since 1986.

About us

About us

Our farm has existed since 1986 when we bought our first goat for our own use. We decided to goat farming and cheese production by accident because we wanted our children to be fed healthy and quality. Since we were not engaged in agriculture until then, we accepted it and started without any experience and knowledge, learning from our mistakes. In pristine nature on the banks of the Kupa River, we registered our mini-cheese shop and started producing goat cheese. The cheeses we produce only remain on the shelves for a few days, because today there is a great demand for local and quality products, and with many years of production and quality we have gained many customers all over Croatia and beyond ours. Customers are happy to buy a product on our OPG because they want to see where it is done and whether it really is our product. We are located on the “Cheese Road of the Zagreb Region” We are awarded the “Milk of Croatian Farms” sign and cheeses are the recipients of many gold awards. We make semi-hard cooked cheeses as this has proven to be the most sought after product. If desired, this cheese can be smoked or with an additive. Each customer can choose the cheese supplement (chives, dill, hot pepper, pepper, sesame ……) according to their wishes. Besides the cheese can be bought from us, we also deliver it by appointment. Fresh unpasteurized milk is also available. From April to August, there is also a freshly-stocked beef as agreed. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer you and you can also visit us on our property and we will gladly receive you and offer our products. Visit our facebook page OPG GRČEVIĆ


For 19 years we have been participating in the “Exhibition of Sheep and Goat Cheeses in Croatia”, we regularly attend the SIR CRO fest with our cheeses


Attendance at all fairs and promotions within Zagreb County


Other awards were given as part of exhibitions where we present and sell our product.
Two Plaques from the Municipality of Pisarovina for their contribution to the development and improvement of the livestock production of the Pisarina region through the level of goat and cheese production.


The SIREK Association and the Cheese Road of the Zagreb Region


OPG holder Jelena Grcevic is also the winner of the Jutarnji list portal reader choice for the competition for the best young farmer. We were also shortlisted for the best OPG as part of the “Gold Worth” competition.


Gradec Pokupski 12,
Pisarovina 10451
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Owner: Jelena Grčević
Glass of goat milk everyday = a long healthy life! :)
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