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OPG Klarić Srećko

Production of field and vegetable crops

About us

About us

The main activity of the family farm Klarić Srećko from Posavski Podgajac is the production of arable and vegetable crops. Most of the area is covered by field crops, cereals and oilseeds. OPG Klarić Srećko cultivates agricultural land with a total size of about 150 ha, of which about 8 ha is used for vegetable production of watermelons and melons. He also grows seasonal vegetables in greenhouses and outdoors. The demand for vegetables in Croatia shows a growing trend, driven by consumer awareness of healthy eating and preferences for locally produced food, which is why the economy is focusing on more intensive vegetable production.
Agricultural farm OPG Klarić Srećko is a family farm that bases its business on family support, togetherness, experience and expertise. The owner of the farm and the main person responsible for management is the young farmer Srećko Klarić. Srećko has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering, which provides him with a thorough theoretical background necessary for understanding complex agricultural processes. Rich practical experience, gained through decades of work on his own farm, enables him to effectively manage all aspects of production, from planning and sowing to harvesting and sales.
Many years of agricultural production have led to stable relations with customers and suppliers, and the agricultural business is operating successfully.

Convince yourself of the quality of our products and enjoy the local flavors.


We cooperate with Kaufland, Pik Vinkovci and Agro Neretva.


Savska ulica 8,
Posavski Podgajci 32258
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OPG Srećko Klarić produces top quality products.

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