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OPG Marušić

Production of goat cheese, lamb and goatling meat and olive oil

About us

About us

Mi smo obitelj Marušić i na rubu urbanog dijela Solina koji se proteže padinama Kozjaka posjećujemo malo poljoprivredno gospodarstvo. Brdo Kozjak, okupano mediteranskim klimom i u dodiru s morem, izuzetno je pogodno za uzgoj sitne stoke, posebno koza. To uostalom sugerira i samo ime – Kozjak.
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Our story

We are the Marušić family and on the edge of the urban part of Solin which stretches along the slopes of Kozjak we own a small farm. Kozjak hill, bathed in the Mediterranean climate and in contact with the sea, is extremely suitable for raising small livestock, especially goats. This is also suggested by the name itself – Kozjak.

The holder of our farm is Miro, and no less important is his wife Ana. We passed on our love for nature, animals and cultural heritage to our sons Marko and Mato, who, in addition to their education, spend every free moment on the farm. Our animals live in harmony with nature and its desires, enjoying and absorbing all the benefits of the Mediterranean. They would tell me – A real stress-free zone. The basis of our production is goat’s milk, fresh goat’s cheese and whey, and the meat of kids and lambs.

On our farm, production is organized in a semi-open system (stable-grazing system). Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, goats walk freely and browse the finest Mediterranean shrubs, both leaves and young shoots of trees, leaving space for sheep in their campaigns on young grass.

In addition to the animal farm, there is also an olive grove. Although small, our olive grove is enough to produce extra virgin olive oil, which enriches our cheese with its taste.

The quality of our products is best witnessed by our customers who keep coming back to us. Therefore, contact us with confidence and by tasting our products, see for yourself their quality.

We offer

  • Goat cheese
  • Lamb meat
  • Goatling meat
  • Olive oil




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