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Vinarija Pavlečić

Viticulture and winemaking

About us

About us

The tradition of wine production in the Pavlečić family dates back to 1884 when the family bought their first vineyard. Gradually over the years the plantations expanded and shrunk, and the family was predominantly engaged in the production of white still wines. The turning point came in 1991 when we produced our first sparkling wine and one of the first-ever produced in an independent and sovereign Croatia. In 1993, we entered the market with Domagoj sparkling wine and since then the family has been mainly engaged in the production of sparkling wines. From then until today, Domagoj sparkling wine has won numerous awards at both domestic and international competitions.

When producing wine, and especially sparkling wines, we try to dedicate ourselves to each bottle of wine as much as possible, so that each bottle of our sparkling wine is unique in its own way. We always strive to produce top-quality wine that our customers will be able to enjoy at any time. We produce sparkling wine from wine varieties from our own plantations (Muscat ottonel, Sauvignon blanc, Manzoni white) using the classic method of bottle fermentation with aging on yeast for at least 2 years.

Our vineyards are located on the hilly terrains of the Plešivica-Okić vineyards. The varieties we have in our vineyards are: Muscat ottonel, Sauvignon blanc and Manzoni white.

All information about our products/wines is available on our website: www.pavlecic.eu. We offer all our customers the opportunity to purchase through our webshop and deliver products throughout the Republic of Croatia.

Our wines:

– Top quality Domagoj sparkling wine (0.75 l and 3 l)

– White manzoni

– Muscat ottonel

– Sauvignon blanc



Won awards

Gold and silver awards and medals; Vinovita

5. Međunarodni sajam vina i opreme za vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo

Silver medal, 1996. i 1998.; Klub prijatelja dobrog vina

Vinske igre 1999 – Zlatni bilikum – Pjenušac Domagoj 1997


Plešivička 54,
Jastrebarsko 10450
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Owner: Marijan Pavlečić
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