TOP 10 most sought after skills in the job market in 2022. Are you ready?

11. April 2019. VeeMee

In just a few years, the ten most sought-after skills in the job market will change drastically, according to a Future of Jobs Report survey conducted by the World Economic Forum.

The results of this research put critical thinking skills, creativity, judgment and decision-making on a pedestal. Although at first glance it seems like something that is not so different from what is now required, it is necessary to prepare well and develop the required skills to the maximum. They will make a big difference in the very near future, which will also be reflected in salaries.

Automation increases the demands placed on workers for whom it becomes crucial to equip themselves with the skills of the future.

TOP 10 most sought after skills in the job market in 2022.

A wave of new technology and trends that have a disruptive effect on established business models is transforming jobs and the demands placed on the workforce. According to this research, by 2022, manual labor and physical fitness will be less and less required, as well as financial management skills and basic technology establishment and maintenance skills. On the other hand, the value of analytical thinking and innovation, as well as active learning skills, is growing.

The importance of skills such as technological design and programming will grow strongly. Expertise in working with new technologies is only one part of the equation because among the most sought after skills for 2022 are ‘more humane’ skills such as creativity, originality, self-initiative, critical thinking, persuasiveness, negotiation and focus on details, flexibility and ability to solve complex problems. .

This list is joined by emotional intelligence, leadership skills and social influence, and service orientation is also getting better.


  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Active learning and learning strategies
  • Creativity, originality and self-initiative
  • Technological design and programming
  • Critical thinking and analyticity
  • Solving complex problems
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Judging, coming up with ideas and solving problems
  • System analysis and evaluation

Companies will need to adopt a range of organizational strategies to stay competitive and prepare their staff for rapid changes. The companies stated in the research that they are already implementing three strategies related to changes in the demands placed on the workforce of the future. These are the employment of completely new staff who have the required skills to work with new technologies indefinitely, fully automate work processes and improve existing staff.

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