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19. April 2021. VeeMee

Stories about escaping from the city to the countryside are becoming more common. People are fed up with the hustle, bustle, noise and crowds they face in the city. They are increasingly longing for a rural way of life and the peace it provides. Although more represented in the world, this trend is slowly reviving in Croatia as well. It is proven that life in the countryside and in nature improves our mental state and make us happier and calmer. Going back to the food, it really can be and is medicine. Growing your own food is the best thing you can afford for your family (and yourself), and that is exactly the best opportunity the village offers you.

Is there anything tastier than homemade, freshly picked fruits and vegetables? If it’s from your own garden, it’s even more delicious. And healthier too! If you have space in the yard, we encourage you to pick tomatoes and cucumbers from your own garden already this summer! Stuffed peppers also have a special flavour when the peppers are homemade.


Maybe you also have a feeling that time has stopped since we were all locked in houses? Therefore, we are sending a small reminder – May is
just around the corner and it is high time for you to prepare the seedlings so that you can enjoy your own fruits and vegetables this summer.

If the idea sounds interesting to you, but you are not sure where to start, follow us and our little tips for gardeners beginners ⬇️⬇️

Step 1 – Start with observing

Before you start planting, take a good look at where the most suitable place for your garden is. Keep in mind that your plants need 4-8 hours of morning and afternoon sun a day. If you have already seen the place where the sun and shade appear every day, but also the one that is easiest to supply with water, you can go to step number 2.

Step 2 – Planning

Each climate has specific conditions for the growth of certain types of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, before you start, it is important to research which are the types of fruits and vegetables that thrive best in your area. In addition, make a planting calendar to make sure you plant the right plants at the right time.

Step 3 – Start small

If you are not a skilled gardener, we recommend that, although you may have a large space, start your gardening adventures in small areas. Some plants require very little attention, while others require complete dedication. That is why, when you master all the important techniques on small areas, you will be ready for larger ones.

Organic farming - apple

Step 4 – Opt for organic farming!

People often associate organic production with fruits and vegetables with the addition of worms. They also associate it with additional efforts for, ultimately, a smaller reward.

Although organic farming requires a little more time and effort in the beginning, once you bring your garden and nature into balance, worries and work will be reduced.

We have already written about the organic production benefits, but the most important one is that you will block the way for pesticides and other toxic chemicals to you and your children.

Also, if you can’t afford organic fruits and vegetables in stores due to financial circumstances, then your own garden is really the right solution, not only for the health of you and your family but also for your budget.

Step 5 – Grow a beautiful garden

If your garden took a place in your front yard, make sure that, in addition to being a source of health, it makes passers-by smile. Once you see what thrives in your garden, play with colours and join fruits and vegetables flowering plants. Bees will be grateful to you, people will enjoy the view of your garden and your palate will be delighted. You can start with rosemary and lavender, and if you are gourmet, you can’t go wrong with basil, parsley, sage, thyme or laurel.

And speaking of worms … we won’t dissuade you too much. On your next purchase, look for foods with the VeeMee code, and when you try them, organic production will never have the meaning it may have had until then. Also, we are sure that when you try the tomato of our farmers and compare it with the one whose origin you don’t even know, you will also want to pick the one from your own garden.

We hope we have encouraged you to take your first gardening steps!

If we are, we will be very glad if you share your experience with us.

Until next reading!

Your VeeMee advisor

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