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EKO SUCUS d.o.o.

Organic cultivation and processing of fruit

About us

About us

EKO SUCUS d.o.o. has a tradition of organic fruit and vegetable production that has followed us through the generations. Apple juice has been produced in the family for more than 50 years.

With the establishment of Eko Sucus, the idea of ​​commercial organic fruit production and placing the apple as an organic product on the market was realized.

We have planted an orchard that covers more than 3 hectares in the Municipality of Rugvica, whose temperate climate of the continental type with warm summers and moderately cold winters perfectly suits the increasingly rich harvest from year to year. It was planted in 2015 and consists of 9,000 apple seedlings, of which 3,000 are Topaz seedlings, 3,000 are Florina seedlings, 1,800 are Mercury seedlings and 1,200 are Sirius apple seedlings.

We have raised the orchard to the highest standards, invested in the purchase of modern equipment, with completed agro-technical measures. Cultivation takes place without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The orchard is equipped with a drip irrigation system, a safety net and an antifrost system to prevent frost damage.

Dedication to work and love that binds us to the fruits of the earth have given excellent results already in the first products offered on the market, fresh apple fruit and Eco Appy apple juice. Rewarded by the satisfaction of our clients, we continue to strive to maintain the level, quality and naturalness of our products.


  • ECO is free of herbicides and pesticides
  • ECO is good for bees – every year during flowering we have a dozen hives in the orchard
  • ECO protects the environment – water, soil, etc.
  • ECO is always GMO-free
  • ECO contributes to the conservation of natural resources
  • ECO is ethical
  • ECO is healthier

We offer


Origin: FRANCE, 1977

Created by crossing varieties: Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, Starking and Jonathan * suitable for organic production.

Fruit tree:

Its fruit is medium or large, its shape is a slightly flattened ball. The surface of the fruit is almost completely dark red with a characteristic white mask on the fruit.

The flesh of the fruit is yellowish-white, hard, crispy. The taste is sweet, the ratio of sugar and acid is ideal.

It ripens in late September, early October, and can be stored until February.



Formed by crossing varieties: Rubin and Vanda * one of the few disease-resistant varieties and therefore suitable for organic production in plantations.

Fruit tree:

The fruit of the apple is medium-sized to large, slightly spherical in shape, the skin is greenish-yellow, three-quarters covered with stripes of orange-red.

The flesh is firm, juicy, sour, aromatic.

The taste is dominated by a pleasant acidity, reminiscent of old varieties of apples.

Harvest time is the last decade of October.

There are no special requirements for storage and it is very well kept (March).



Created by crossing varieties: Golden Delicious and Topaz * suitable for organic production.

Fruit tree:

The fruit is large to extremely large spherical shape. The surface of the fruit is completely yellow – when overripe, it gets a slight blush.

The flesh of the fruit is yellow-orange, crispy and very juicy with an aromatic taste; uniform sweet-sour ratio, suitable for gourmets.

It ripens in late September, early October, and can be stored until March.



Created by crossing varieties: TOPAZ and RAJKA * suitable for organic farming.

Fruit tree:

The fruit is medium-sized and flattened spherical in shape.

The basic colour of the fruit is yellow which is covered with 60 to 90% red to dark red colour.

The flesh of the fruit is yellow, crispy, firm and very juicy with an aromatic taste; sweet with less acid than topaz.

It ripens in late August, early September, and can be stored until late February, early March.

How to buy?


The company’s headquarters in Hrvatski Leskovac – apples and juice

Priroda & Društvo – apples and juice

Fino.hr – apples and juice

NAR domaći i eko proizvodi – apples and juice

Voćarna.hr – apples and juice

Zdravi Pinklec – apples and juice

Grga Čvarak – apples and juice

Food Expert – juice

Foodstock – apples and juice

Mrkvica – apples and juice

Greenpoint – juice


BioBio – apples

Greencajg – apples


The company’s headquarters in Hrvatski Leskovac

Povrtlarska 18, Hrvatski Leskovac 10251

385 (0) 1 65 56 390


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Povrtlarska ulica 18,
Hrvatski Leskovac 10251
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Owner: Mario Gedžić
MIPBG: : 220939
+385 (0)1 65 56 390
Eco apples and eco apple juice - EKO SUCUS d.o.o.
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