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Fresh fruit since 1965

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LOUCOFRUIT is one of the oldest fruit and vegetable export companies in Greece. Since it’s a foundation from Nicolaos Loucopoulos in 1965, the company has been in constant development of its export activity.
Management transition to the next generation of families took place in 1993 and from then on the company is progressively investing in both facilities and farm growing. The factory renovated entirely in 2007 and the last renovation was held in 2017.
As a family owned company, it is keeping the advantage of being flexible and responding swiftly to any abnormalities that may occur during the production process. Company’s main focus and ultimate goal, has been the customer’s satisfaction and consistent delivery of high quality end product.
The company is considered to be a medium sized company in the Greek fruit sector; however 100% family controlled and managed, can achieve great performance that can easily match the performance of bigger companies.
Company’s packing house is located on the old national road from Korinthos to Patras, in the village of Velo, about 100km west of Athens.
Loucofruit’s facilities cover a total area of approximately 12,000 m², from which the packhouse and the cold storage chambers cover 6,000 m².
LOUCOFRUIT has been expanding steadily and now owns chambers with a storage capacity of nearly 3000 pallets, with the latest cooling system in place, which retains all product features unaltered.

The company is specialized in growing/packing and exporting Citrus/Watermelons and Table Grapes fullfiling it’s customers requirements in packaging specifications.
All our products are Global Gap/Grasp Certified.Our packhouse is Certified as well with BRC & Sedex Smeta.
There are 5 permanent staff (key staff) and their number can increase up to 200 during peak season (seasonal employees), operating in a single shift (09: 00-18: 00) –
All products produced are exported to Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and UK.




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"Fresh fruit from grown under Greek sun"
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