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OPG Nedeljka Damjanović

Production and sale of Slavonian kulen and other traditional meat products

About us

About us

OPG Nedeljka Damjanović is engaged in the production and sale of Slavonian kulen and other traditional meat products obtained by the method of production, as it was done in the past and now on the typical Slavonian “pig slaughter”.

We are the second generation of manufacturers to continue the family’s 30-year tradition in manufacturing. The first generation is not giving up yet, and we still learn a lot from them, and their experience, together with our commitment and knowledge, influences us so that we develop more and more every day. We are participants in many events and winners of awards in the quality of Slavonian kulen.

We have a developed sales network and every year the market is looking for “kulen more”. Our plans go further to increase production, which is why the idea for Internet marketing came about.

The Internet is currently the best indicator of possible free space on the market with easily mathematically aggregated data, and another reason is that we wanted to jump outside the rural framework in which we live, for ourselves, and because of the undeniable quality of products we make and would like to offer to others. make them satisfied customers, and of course, improve your home budget.

In love with Slavonian delicacies – what is the secret recipe?

Our kulen was produced on our family farm where it has been produced since its inception, probably for at least 200 years.

It is produced without chemical additives, with ingredients that are exclusively produced in the closer or wider Slavonian surroundings.

It was made exclusively in the winter when it was “pig slaughter” time, in the traditional way, the way “our ancestors” did it, with minimal relief in the form of mechanical help from smaller machines.

Members of our family take part in the production, for whom kulen was and remains “pride and joy”.

With him, we welcomed and saw off our dearest guests, giving it only to those who were great friends of the family and who appreciated the gift received by understanding what the Slavonian was saying, without expressing it in words.

Receiving kulen as a gift, therefore, meant being a responsible recipient, and the old Slavonians say “it was known to whom kulen was given.”

Some people, amazed by the quality of kulen, asked us for a recipe believing that there is a secret ingredient! The recipe is the same for everyone, and yet there are so many big differences. The secret is “that there is no secret.” Raw materials, climate, winds, natural knowledge of the process of making and drying, without great technological theories and studies, are important.

But the real secret springs from the “broad soul” of the hard-working Slavonian who nurtured and preserved kulen according to his attitude towards life, and towards himself, and all for us. That selflessness, “breadth” and unconditional love are the secret ingredients of the recipe. We’ve all tried “what shouldn’t be called kulen at all, made in large meat industries, a technology described in a hundred-page study and then those same producers, famous butchers and technologists taste our kulen, from our small farm, and with a sigh, they say “we didn’t eat anything better than meat”. This is the biggest confirmation of success for domestic kulen and our family farm.

How to recognize a real homemade Slavonian kulen?

Direct side effects with the arrival of freshly chopped Slavonian kulen on the table is the spread of an intense pleasant aroma throughout the space, be it a room or a terrace. Brightness is the first visual impression.

Kulen must be of red uniform cross-section, the more intense the natural colours of the mixture of red meat and home-made red pepper. The meat should be easily separated from the casing. Its taste is full, salt and pepper are the main spices, but they must not be forced. The rounded taste means it has everything you need and nothing excessive, not even hot peppers.

The tempter should have the effect of pulling him to take a new slice, to ask for more, as with all good “vices” where there is a desire to repeat the action. And then when the taster says he’s had enough, he has to take at least one more slice because he can’t help himself.

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Trgovina Zagreb
10000 ZAGREB
  • PHONE: 01/4107 429
  • Working hours:
  • MON – FRI: 08:00 – 20:00
  • SAT: 08:00 – 15:00
Trgovina Zagreb
10000 ZAGREB
  • PHONE: 01/4108 243
  • Working hours:
  • MON – FRI: 08:00 – 20:00
  • SAT: 08:00 – 15:00
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