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PALAVRA d.o.o.

Cultivation of hazelnut

About us

About us

In the small idyllic village of Ugarci, the “Tree of Life” economy was created, an oasis of creation, harmonious development, the joy of life and eternal life. We produce according to the principles of biodynamic and regenerative agriculture.

We have completed production on 70 hectares. In our fields and meadows, we prepare food for our wonderful treasure – Limousin cattle, and we also pick herbs for the preparation of preparations and teas.

Our breeding purebred Limousin cattle are a contribution to our creation. Our cattle produce manure, which we compost and put around our hazelnuts. We grow hazelnuts on 10 hectares, and its products are heralds of happiness, love, harmony and life.

Hazelnuts strengthened with compost, vitalized, harmonized with preparations and teas in unity with Mother Nature and the earth give us beautiful, delicious and life-filled hazelnuts. Our goal in love and harmony with nature, animals and mother earth is to preserve precious natural resources, encourage sustainable – regenerative production and share our products with a man and invite him to be part of this creation of harmony, vitality, the joy of life and eternal life.


Ugarci 14 Požega,
Požega 34000
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