Reduce Food Waste – VeeMee program

17. February 2020. Marko Kozjak

[Food Waste] – VeeMee has saved over 400,000 kg (400t :)) of food, through its procedures so far!

We sold a part of it through food outlet channels, donated or sold to wholesalers, but it was crucial to solving the problem in the interest of the farmer, buyer, retail and end customer.

Of all rejected food, 90% of the problems were:

Broken boxes, EU pallets, declarations/labels and damaged food – all of these require a clear process a procedure for 4R:

1. Re-select
2. Re-organize
3. Re-label
4. Re-pack

Daily job for us, and fresh product for Retail with no damage and delivered in 24 h.

At this moment, we are developing a new digital project that can help prevent more than 15% of food waste goods within the EU.

Reduce Food Waste - VeeMee program Reduce Food Waste - VeeMee program Reduce Food Waste - VeeMee program

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