The lack of transparency in the food industry ends with VeeMee!

2. March 2020. VeeMee

You open newspapers, magazines, portals, go out on the street, to the store, to the hairdresser, and everyone has been talking about the trend (or need?) Of a healthy diet for several years now. Sound familiar? There were more and more brands and shops, and smoothies were brought to work instead of sandwiches, but “do you think you know what you’re eating?” This is the question that Marko Kozjak asks you! Me too.

Building years of experience in the food industry, he met her and her black side. “Do you think you know what you are eating” is not just a question, it is also an introduction to the issues with which we will introduce you in the coming lines.

Can we be sure that a “domestic product” is truly domestic, with no origin information? Encouraged by this dilemma, Marko, together with his colleague Nikola Vido, decided to put an end to the deficit of transparency in the food industry and to serve a proven meal to his children at the table.

The lack of transparency in the food industry ends with VeeMee! - Marko Kozjak

They then founded a company and a platform called VeeMee, through which you can find out what you actually eat with a single click of your smartphone or a scan of the QR code (on which the question from the beginning of the story is implemented).

One scan is enough to fully understand the origin of the food you want to buy. The platform connects to the PID profile – the identity of the producer, facilitates standardization and offers the necessary information about the producer and food. If it sounds complicated to you – it’s not! The beauty of this platform lies in its simplicity – to scan a QR code you don’t even have to have the VeeMee app, but just turn on the camera (which already has integrated QR code loading) to automatically link the product to their database with the registered code. And that’s all. In a unit of time you have data on manufacturers and their products, certificates and capacities, their partners and suppliers, as well as on market news and trends! As such, this platform is unique in the Croatian and European markets.

We live in a world where people, especially the young, choose not only the product but the one who “breathed life into it”. In a sea of ​​equals, only one who offers added value will find his way to them.

As if raising awareness of the food we consume (added value for the customer), and thus strengthening consumer loyalty that contributes to product sales (added value for the manufacturer) is not enough, VeeMee is a promoter of Croatian products in the true sense of the word. Namely, Google Analytics reveals that the only continent that the platform has not reached is Antarctica. Through it, those who may have never heard of Croatia get to know Croatian products and producers. That is why we believe that their desired market – the market outside the European Union – is coming to their door before they enter it.

If you ask Marko what their goal is, he will answer: “Become a neutral certificate for food traceability and enable the reduction of food waste”!

VeeMee is already working to reduce food waste, and the laudable results are not lacking. In the last 12 months, they have saved more than 400 tons of food by taking over part of the logistics process on their own and direct communication with suppliers and producers. For them, returning or throwing goods due to a false declaration, damage, a torn euro pallet or box is not an option. The “defective goods” travel to their warehouse, from where they are returned to the retail chain within 24 hours. All the surplus goods go to food outlets.

Technology is changing from second to second, and to keep up with it, the next project is related to artificial intelligence (AI). It is about the development of an algorithm that would enable traceability, ie the origin of the product to be read by scanning the product and without a QR code!

Now that you know all this, you can also check cucumbers and tomatoes that say that they are “Croatian domestic product” in the middle of winter, because who knows, maybe you will discover in which part of Croatia it is possible to produce summer vegetables in winter 🙂

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